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1. Atletico Paranaense reach first Copa Final
From: "jer_vanlint" <>
2. Abramovich preparing 51 million euro offer for Gilardino
From: "jer_vanlint" <>
3. Down under no more
From: "jer_vanlint" <>
4. Re: Boskamp the new Stoke boss
From: marta_grimsdottir


Message: 1
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2005 16:12:25 -0000
From: "jer_vanlint" <>
Subject: Atletico Paranaense reach first Copa Final

Brazilian side Atletico Paranaense were able to hold Chivas to a 2-2
draw in the second leg of the Copa Libertadores semi-final and
advanced to the final where they face Sao Paulo.

Paranaense came into the match in confident style after comfortably
winning the first leg 3-0 last week in Curitiba. Chivas knew they had
to get an early goal to have any chance of qualifying for the final
and piled on the pressure with a strong focus on attack.

Goalkeeper Diego and the goalposts saved Paranaense from a Mexican
onslaught that could have easily been 3-0 to the home side as early
as of the first 15 minutes.

Chivas clearly dominated their opponents and after many close calls
finally struck through Palencia in the 25th minute. The goal and the
noisy 70,000 plus crowd unsettled the Brazilian's and it looked as if
Chivas would grab their second anytime.

They came close on many opportunities but were not able to increase
their lead before the end of the half.

Paranaense started the second half much better and for the first time
in the match were able to keep some possession. The Mexican's became
desperate and just focused on looking for their second, but this was
to prove fatal.

Lima tapped in a cross from close range in the 68th minute and gave
Paranaense a vital away goal that meant Chivas needed to score four
more goals to advance.

This meant they pushed almost everyone to the attack and left huge
holes in their midfield and defence.

In the 81st minute Lima ran almost the entire half of the pitch and
converted with one of the best goals of the Copa.

By now Chivas had no chance of progressing and just looked to obtain
a draw for their loyal fans in the stadium. In the 86th minute Chivas
were given a dubious penalty that Palencia slotted home making the
score 2-2 and that is how it remained.

Atletico Paranaense won 5-2 on aggregate and face Sao Paulo in the
two leg final of the Copa Libertadores.

Paranaense will host the first leg next week, in a venue that has not
been decided yet, while the second leg will be played at the Morumbi

Chivas: Sanchez, Medina, Rodriguez, Garcia, Salcido, Morales (Vela),
Sol, Alfaro (Peralta), A. Medina (Magallon), Palencia, Bravo
Coach:Benjamin Galindo

Atletico Paranaense: Diego, Jancarlos, Danilo, Durval, Marcao, Cocito
(Tiago Vieira), Alan Bahia, Fabricio, Fernandinho (Andre Rocha), Lima
(Ticao), Aloisio
Coach: Antonio Lopes

Stadium: Estadio Jalisco, Guadalajara
Referee: Carlos Torres (Paraguay)


That's too bad after such a great start.
Just too stupid to miss such a big cup because your national teams
plays friendly games abroad.


Message: 2
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2005 17:05:37 -0000
From: "jer_vanlint" <>
Subject: Abramovich preparing 51 million euro offer for Gilardino

Chelsea are waiting for Parma to change owners before launching the
final attack on the Italian international.

After failing to secure Shevchenko, Adriano and Eto`o, Roman Abramovich
is preparing an offer which Parma will unlikely refuse: 51 million
Euros for Alberto Gilardino.

The English Premier League champions want a high-profile striker to
partner Drogba in attack, and Gilardino is now the first candidate.

However, Roman Abramovich first wants to wait for the Italian club to
change ownership to the rumoured Swiss group before sending an official


Well Parma can for sure need that money!


Message: 3
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2005 18:02:35 -0000
From: "jer_vanlint" <>
Subject: Down under no more

It's all happening Down Under. Just as FIFA approved Australia's bid
to leave Oceania for Asia, the Football Federation of Australia
celebrating by sacking coach of six years Frank Farina.

The country's location has long been seen as a drag on the Socceroos
attempts to break into the upper echelons of world football and while
the FFA can't change the country's geography, it has changed its
regional status thus for all football purposes Australia will be
Asian from January 1st 2006 and will be able to participate in and
qualify for the Asian Cup, AFC Champions League and of course the
World Cup.

Australia was a big fish in a small football backwater and the FFA,
encouraged by Aussie legend, the late Johnny Warren, believed that if
it was to compete on the world stage then Oceania, with members such
as the Cook Islands, Tahiti and Tonga, will have to be left behind.
Asia provides a better chance to qualify for the World Cup, well-
organized regional competitions at club and national team level and a
much higher standard, with teams such as South Korea, Japan, Iran and
Saudi Arabia.

The chance to add to a solitary World Cup appearance in 1974 is the
driving force behind the plan. Oceania has been allocated 0.5 places
for the 2006 tournament. This half a spot means that the top team in
Oceania's qualifying group (almost always Australia) plays off
against the fifth-placed team from another region, at the moment,
South America. Under this system, The Socceroos have lost
heartbreakingly against teams such as Uruguay, Iran and Argentina
over the last 30 years.

The recently departed Farina, feels that joining the Asian region
will put an end to years of qualification failures and the 4.5 spots
available in the giant continent will provide a better route to
future World Cup competitions. "We would have a great chance of
qualifying," he said.

The coach is looking for an end to the four-yearly play-off games in
which one mistake can mean the end of the dream. In Asia, Australia
could play up to 18 games, which would allow for the occasional lapse
or mishap, but Farina believes that the play-off system is
unfair. "If you have a bad day at the office, you're gone for another
four years which is completely unacceptable and unfair... We only
play two games every four years that matter."

On the face of it, such a move looks to benefit everybody. The other
teams in the Oceania region would not be too concerned to see the
Australians leave, despite the fact that playing the boys in green
and yellow is the biggest game of the year (or four) for the small
island nations. Coaches and players know that while Australia is
present, there is next to no chance of any team making it to the
World Cup.

However, the second biggest nation in Oceania -- New Zealand -- is
against the move, as Australia leaving would make a weak
confederation even weaker. It is possible that the Kiwis will follow
their Australian cousins. Head of New Zealand Soccer, Graham Seatter
told the New Zealand Herald that, "There's really only one nation at
a higher level for us to aspire to beat. Take that nation away then
all we are is a nation for the islands to aspire to beat. No
disrespect, but I don't want to be in a competition for tallest

As yet the Asian powers have had little to say on the matter. The
presence of a medium-ranked soccer country would probably be welcomed
by Asian fans as some healthy competition, as well as increased TV
and sponsor revenues for World Cup qualifiers, the Asian Cup and the
Asian Champions League, though the increase in traveling distances
will be a headache for players.

Even though Australia are currently ranked 57th in the world, well
below Japan, Iran and South Korea as well as Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan
and Oman, the team will be a match for the continent's best teams,
with a number of its players playing in the English Premier League.
As Australia rarely gets the chance to play competitive games against
higher-ranked teams, it is difficult to improve its ranking, as well
as its experience.

It is also difficult to know how South Korea, Japan, Iran and China
will look upon a rival for a World Cup spot. It is unlikely that the
advent of Australia in Asia would mean a greater allocation of World
Cup places. In fact, the 4.5 places that Asia currently enjoys are
under threat, especially after the poor performance of the two Asian
qualifiers in 2002 -- Saudi Arabia and China -- who lost all their
games. A similarly dismal World Cup in 2006 will jeopardize the Asian
allocation even more. Cynics have muttered that the support of
Oceania and Australia in future FIFA meetings could help prevent such
a reduction as well as help AFC President, Mohamed bin Hammam become
FIFA president.

There are precedents, of sorts, for the move. Israel left the AFC to
join UEFA, Europe's governing body in 1974, for obvious reasons. In
2002, Kazakhstan, a Central Asian nation, became UEFA's 52nd member,
reportedly for financial reasons. Australia would be the first
country, however, to move in order to improve its chances of
qualifying for the World Cup.

To do so in 2006, a two-legged game with the Solomon Islands must be
negotiated before another of those dreaded play-offs with a World Cup
place at stake. At the moment the team lying in fifth in South
America is Colombia and the two could meet in November the last act
of Australia in Oceania.


This is probably a good thing, but I would preffer to see the Asian
and Oceanian FA's merge into one. The weakest teams can then play a
prequalifying tournament to see who can join the real WC Asian-
Oceanian qualifying groups.


Message: 4
Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 13:42:10 -0000
From: marta_grimsdottir
Subject: Re: Boskamp the new Stoke boss

you are not a fhingar fan please... :)))
and thank you for the welcome

--- In, "jer_vanlint"
<jer_vanlint@y...> wrote:
> Nah, go Hafnarfjörður!!
> Oh, and welcome to the group Marta :)
> --- In, marta_grimsdottir
> <no_reply@y...> wrote:
> > we needed to send pulis out so we could retain the club in icelandic
> > owners. it is not just chelsea and manchester that have foreign
> > owners. and stoke is more important to us than any other team or the
> > national iceland team
> >
> > --- In, "jer_vanlint"
> > <jer_vanlint@y...> wrote:
> > > English Championship side Stoke City have appointed Dutchman
> Johan
> > > Boskamp as their new manager in succession to Tony Pulis, who was
> > > sacked yesterday for not signing enough foreign players.
> > >
> > > Boskamp, 56, was a member of the 1978 Dutch World Cup squad that
> > > reached the final against Argentina. He has extensive coaching
> > > experience.
> > >
> > > As well as coaching Belgian sides Anderlecht and Genk, Boskamp
> has
> > > coached the Georgian national team and worked in the Middle East.
> > >
> > > To the surprise of many Stoke fans, Pulis lost his job on
> Tuesday,
> > > just two months after signing a new two-year deal, ostensibly for
> > > failing to implement the board's transfer strategy of signing
> more
> > > overseas players.
> > >
> > > However, an apparent sub-plot might be the real reason for his
> > > dismissal: Peter Coates was set to launch a takeover bid for the
> > > club, with the condition that Pulis remained in charge.
> > >
> > > The Potters' Icelandic owners launched pre-emptive strike by
> getting
> > > rid of Welshman Pulis, who had performed fairly creditably at the
> > > Britannia Stadium thus far.
> > >
> > > **********************************
> > >
> > > Boskamp is a very nice man who gives the youth players a good
> chance.
> > >
> > > The former coach was sacked because he didn't signed enough
> foreign
> > > players?? :D


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